Saying No

Season 1 Episode 4.

Sometimes the most positive thing we can do is just say no. Learn the things Andy and friends have liberated themselves from, and hear wisdom from William Ury’s The Power of a Positive No. 

Featuring; Kevin Seibert, Mike Thayer, Jessica Jensen, Annie & Alex Grow, Levi Ballstaedt.

Check out this book to learn more about how and why to say no:

In case you need some biblical justification to setting boundaries, this will do the trick:

“Saying No” clips referenced in show:


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Season 1 Episode 3

Want a great dinner conversation? Ask someone if it is better to live with high expectations or low expectations. People get passionate about this one.

In this episode I am overthinking expectations. I get inside the mind of optimist and friend Alex Grow, my husband Levi, gain perspective from my Elderly Consultants, and finally get a powerfully insightful interview with the author of my favorite book on happiness Dr. Rakesh Sarin (yeeee!)

MUST read book by interviewee Dr. Rakesh Sarin. Easily my favorite book on happiness to date.

References and more links on this topic:

Dr. Rakesh Sarin Tedx Talk

Daniel Gilbert study shows low expectations=low rewards

One Forbes vote for high expectations

Psychology Today vote for low expectations

NPR expectations in marriage

Millennials and expectations

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