Discontented Disney

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Disney sort of ruined all of us.

If you look closely at any Disney movie, you’ll see more than just a bunch of subtle references to other Disney movies. And you’ll also see more than just a bunch of subliminal messages.

If you take a close look at Disney, what you’ll see is yourself. Hear me out.

In every Disney movie, the main character longs for something better. The story is never about accepting your circumstances and making the most of it…Probably because a story like that wouldn’t be very interesting. Imagine trying to pitch that story to the Disney producers:

“So yeah it’s about a girl who’s basically a servant to her corrupted stepmom and sisters until she gets old, and despite the fact that she is worn down to the bone from her lifetime of physical labor and emotional abuse, she looks back at her life and realizes how lucky she’s been all along to have rodents for friends. The end.”

We play Disney movies on repeat at a young, impressionable age, and I have to wonder if watching these movies over and over didn’t contribute to our generation’s sense of entitlement, FOMO (fear of missing out), and general feeling of discontent. When you remove all the fantasy, you can discover the origins to many of our common complaints. To prove it, I created the “Discontented Disney” Meme (Yes I created a meme. You can add this to my list of trends I’ve participated in):

Well, there you have it. You can go ahead and blame Disney for all your problems. Next psychotherapy session, I’m charging.

2 thoughts on “Discontented Disney

  1. i’ve missed the past like 5 posts because i didn’t you have you on my bloglovin stream! where do you come up with this stuff? i can completely identify with tons of it, and if i can’t identify with it, i still laugh pretty hard at it. the pooing with colleagues post, oh my heck, i can’t imagine. the definitions, ha! and then these memes? i wish i was sitting next to you when you created them. please do some post on frozen.

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