Becoming a Parent


Arguably life’s greatest change and challenge is almost upon me. Our first child is on her way. In this season one finale I’m researching, surveying, and overthinking parenthood with 9 good friends and experienced parents.

Washington Post article on the emotional difficulty of becoming a parent

Research on the transition to parenthood

The New Demography of American Motherhood

Psychology Today: Does having children make us happy?

Washington Post- good reasons why Americans need family-focused social policies

CNN- Parenthood and happiness

Fortune- Mothers, Marriage and Parenthood

NPR clip

Parenthood and Marriage-

Parenthood and happiness research


Great show on the subject:

Another fun show on parenting:

You may want this book just to read the chapter “Get the Epidural”- hilarious

Facebook Fights


Facebook can be a breeding zone for conflict. But can’t we all just get along? Hear ideas from Dr. Alloway, renowned professor of psychology and social media researcher, and listen to highlights from Brené Brown and other research.

Dr. Tracy Alloway’s research and links

Brené Brown’s GREAT book quoted in the episode:

Bill Bishop’s book:

UC Berkley and University of Chicago research on reading vs. seeing/hearing

Washington Post article including online persuasion research 

Washington Post on how we agree with our FB friends

Mashable article

What Everyone Else Is Thinking


The majority of people don’t have it all figured out. So why do we base decisions off what everyone else thinks and does? Laugh with Jessica Jensen, learn from elderly consultants, and review research on some of humanity’s most irrational behaviors.


Women and working out

Stanford research on priming

Quotes to help you care a little less

Fantastic read from Dr. Dan Ariely!:

Quirky Jenna Marbles pep talk (warning: lots of swearing)

Instasham 2


Part two of two thinking about the picture-perfect lives of lifestyle Instagrammers. Hear from influencers Sara Jane Warner and Ashton Barrett. And learn about the effects of following strangers from psychologist and researcher Dr. Leora Trub.

Shawni Pothier blog disclaimer

Brooke White’s Website

Dr Trub’s instagram research



Lifestyle instagrammers- they look great, we feel awful. In this part one of two, get a behind-the-scenes exposé with anonymous blog photographer, review research, and real talk with author of viral “Lifestyle Porn” article, Mike Thayer.

“Part of My World”
Vocals: Kimberly Lochner
Lyrics: yours truly, Andy
Artwork: Anoosha Syed Illustration

More on this topic:

Mike Thayer’s “Lifestyle Porn” article 

Dr Trub’s instagram research

A professional instagrammer/blogger’s perspective

A hilarious parody instagram account

Instagram and mental health

 Instagram is the worst…

One instagram star receptions her photos exposing the truth

Essena O’Neil video quitting social media

Great NY Times article outlining the problem






Redheads have it hard. From the constant sunburns to the verbal ones. Hear what it’s like from American redheads: Alex Grow and Eric Innes, Irish ginger Paddy O’Shea, and comedian Shawn Hitchins.

Shawn Hitchin’s book-(also available on Audible April 11th!):

Documentary- Being Ginger:

Sperm bank turns down redheads

Physical attraction experiment

Redheads and pain

CBS article on redheads

BBC article on redheads

Research: “Red Hair in Popular Culture and the Relationship with Anxiety and Depression”


Perfect Parties


Today’s parties and weddings- fun or frightening? Hear from 7-time bridesmaid- Kristal Milnik, founder of Jenna Anderson, and finally Emily Hardman, author of NY Times article “I planned my wedding in 5 days. You could too.”


Emily Hardman’s New York Times article: “I planned my wedding in 5 days. You could too”

Accompanying article detailing the planning

Jenna’s website- 

Rise in wedding costs- CNBC

Pinterest Stress covered by article How Wedding Planning Has Changed Over the Last 10 Years

Funny summary of then vs. now birthday parties

Very funny list of 13 things you don’t need at your kid’s bday party

Nice finance article to curb the Pinterest pressures

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Life Advice

S1 E10

Where one bit of life advice exists, another is there to contradict it. When everyone recommends contradicting ways of life, how do you choose? Ned Sweet and our elderly consultants cast their votes on life’s diverging paths.

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Americans have never been busier, nor more proud of it.  Learn why we use busyness as a badge of honor with Georgetown researcher and professor, Dr. Neeru Paharia, and hear from Annie Grow and elderly consultants.

Resources/ more on this topic:

Dr. Paharia’s research covered in HBR

Also Covered in Columbia business school

FAVORITE op-ed on busyness

Great article from The Economist

Tim Ferris knows everything

Business insider telling it like it is

Washington Post weighs in

Health Fitness

France showing us up on joie de vivre

Recommended book: On the Shortness of Life by Seneca

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Romance 2


We’re picking back up with Jeff Arch, writer and creator of Sleepless in Seattle, discussing real life romance vs. movie romance. Then several other guests discuss the reality of their love lives.

Jeff Arch, Sally Seibert, Molly Birchall, Toos Ward, Trina Weeks, Molly Malone

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